Concierge Services

Our concierge staff are highly trained professionals who understand the importance of customer service. We believe security, confidentiality and professionalism are all combined in the position of a great Concierge. Your building, residents and visitors will all be safe, secure and highly satisfied by the professional services and style that our staff offers – 24/7 – 365 days per year.

Concierge Services

Our professional concierge staff provides a welcoming and safe atmosphere for your building. We bring together top security protection and excellent customer service in order to deter crime (e.g. intruders, theft and vandalism) and to insure top level customer service for you, your visitors, customers and residents.


Our Concierge Security provides a friendly and reassuring presence and will:


  • Patrol and keep watch over your business or residential complex 24/7.

  • Manage access control.

  • Facilitate parking control.

  • Maintain fire and other emergency & safety procedures.

  • Monitor CCTV.


We can also assist by:

  • Managing reception.

  • Registering visitors.

  • Accepting deliveries.

  • Responding to the needs of visitors, employees, residents, etc.